Thursday, May 14, 2009

Moody Rains...

So what kind of rains do you like?
Even the rains have moods, you see.
The gusty windy roaring rain
Which drenches us from all sides, you see
The gently trickling drizzly rain
Which takes a bit, sometime to feel
The early morning misty rain
When everything looks like a dream
Or the late at nights the haunting rain,
Which makes the hair stand on your skin
Are these the kind of rains you like, eh?
Or the first of season virgin rain
Like it touch’s the skin like a first kiss
Tell me now
And I’ll pray for those rains.
Then we shall watch
I from here
And you from there.


fleuve-souterrain said...

Bhaskar, indeed it reads like a song... good job! And thanks for dropping by at mine! Best...


i should have seen this earlier!