Thursday, March 12, 2009

Magic Sunrise

After the sun has set
And the translucent amber light has long faded away
After the days are done and we herald the night
And the sky is lit up with silver moonlight
After we pack ourselves and unpack our lives
Like sheets of creased paper into envelopes
In our beds we hide
And we dream a dream for ourselves to find
After all the frowns have ceased and our lips are smile
The grass is green and the trees are style
The forests are all dense
And the rivers are wide
After all the birds go back in flocks they fly
And nestle in nests built upon the sky
After all the clouds are dark, can’t stand upright
And distill the air of this stacked up grime
A bud it blooms, a fish it slides.
After all the fireflies converge on open fields
And songs of gold the night it yields
After there is nothing but silence
And the murmur of our breaths
Our bodies entwined like two birds cradled in a nest
After all the seas are still
And our hearts are free
The twilight sets in
And we finally see.

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