Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Sundowner - Tears

Tears are not a sign of weakness. They are all about acceptance, the bursting knowledge that pain is here to stay, so is sadness and all the swallows (of life) like joy. They are rivers of nonconformity; to the idea of illusionary happiness, shame, the idea that life is to be always happy amidst the tattle of everyday exigencies & a race towards pretense.

Tears are a rebellion against this very idea of utopia. Tears break this mirage, and help us let us be who we are beneath, take us towards feeling, towards peace.

We cry not because we are broken, but to mend. Crying a sign of strength, of how we make sense of loss, joy and this ephemeral life. All the mountains, rivers, trees cry - cry when the seasons change, when the flowers don't bloom, when rivers go dry, they go through these seasons - though we can’t see, but they quietly cry.

Crying is like praying, our private communion with god. We cry sometimes alone and at times with someone who knows our sadness like no one else can. And a moment like this gets etched in to the cosmos like a twinkling star.

It is an act of forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and the whole universe – an act of cleansing the soul, and soothing the heart

Tears open us up to the promise of another spring, they give us the belief that we will be alright, and tears are the proof that we are alive.

PS: Rain has just hit the city, but not quite yet, as i write this. Season of tears for heavens i guess..!!

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