Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Are you talking to yourself
In your dream
Or are you walking half awake
In your sleep
Do you wake up every morning
All alone

Now I am wonder where you are
And I am wonder what you do
You are a star who’s shining bright
Though the Sun is shining through
Though pretences never cease
Never put your mind at peace
They are always troubling you

Are you walking all alone
On the street
With no place left to go
You retreat
Do you sit there on a ledge
With your phone

Are wondering what to do
With the thoughts that are in your head
Do the words they pass you by
All the words that I’ve said
The distances never cease
Never put your heart at peace
They are always trawling you

Sleepwalking through...
Sleepwalking through....
Sleepwalking with you.....

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