Saturday, August 15, 2015


The yellow Sun you left behind
has turned crimson. Now i make love
to your absences. I scourge the wind
cause it doesn't bring your
Words to me. And your voice
is an absence, not even an echo.

The moon has come to my rescue
the same moon that climbed up
over Devlali, lighting our path
on the way to the river which
flowed behind our house
that night is an absence
Now i am left with moontide.

And i drown in these absences
Like darkness of the night
Which can only hold light
Just enough to see.Those stars
are all absent, the same stars
That lit up Pondicherry that night
In your embrace is absent.

Same city which was called
another name.
Another city with two names
Those cities are lost
Absent like you and me.

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