Monday, February 10, 2014


This world exists on randomness, sheer randomness. Most of the beautiful things that happen in life are  random, and when you think through, you wonder if there is a design at play behind this chaos and all  such  random things.

We are born out of randomness and we die the same. We can’t choose to whom and where we are born, it’s a matter of chance.

Most of the times we don’t do things consciously or things just happen by themselves. Like falling in love, we cannot predict how and when it will happen, or capturing a moment on camera by releasing the shutter, or say, a poem – it can hit you anytime.

If so much of our lives revolve around randomness, how are we in control of our lives; where it is heading, what we make of it?

Randomness is like disguised potential, it’s like germination of a seed.The seed get sowed but it needs sunlight, water and sustenance to flourish into a tree. It’s all about that, about what you do with this randomness; this fleeting moment, this possibility.

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