Thursday, July 18, 2013

To Silence and everything in between.

When was the last time we travelled
to nowhere, to silence
without a word been spoken.
Forming an ellipse
of imaginary incantation

And we formed arches
like branches longing for
Sun under glum grey skies

the last time we conceived
a notion
deceived emotion

Measured silences shining through
empty wine glasses. Caught
refractions of words floating
in a mist of sea spray
by our tongues. Talked about

our feet, how mine are hollow
yours more flatter and how that
makes you more grounded

me afloat

Last time we didn’t
hoard passion
it felt electric blue

we gathered moon-dust from our
eyes mumbling, “there’s a bit of moon
in all of us, and if it stays too long
it takes the colour of rust”

We cried like a child and felt happy
about really being sad. And sad
about how fleeting happiness is

Last time

I became the river you the sea
stood at our edges
and formed an estuary


our bodies like it’s
for the very first time. Climbed
mountains of clouds
stacked up in the sky

got so high. we tripped
in to a daze

at the expanse of the ocean and
how easy it is to drown
then stay afloat

collided like two galaxies;
me Andromeda you
the milky way and left
a trail of stars
of light and matter
and heat and words
we didn't say

slipped back
into our silences

nodded our heads
and fell asleep.

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