Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Love Rant...

I celebrate my love
I deliberate my love
don’t know what the hell to do with my love
I strum it out my love
I sing it loud my love
I orchestrate my love
It’s colors all mellow
violet my love
gooey, soft, mushy
chocolate my love
It’s sudden in spurts
twists and turns my love
winding till hilltops
not straight my love
It's to the sun to the sea,
to the stars to the sky my love
free like a bird
not constraint my love.
I am so stoned in my love
I telephoned in my love
don’t know how to get in through with my love
It’s neon like lights on street my love
like walking on sand bare feet my love
it’s all shine and shimmer, elaborate my love
rubies and diamonds encrusted of all shapes my love.
I complicate my love
I expedite my love
It's taking forever cant date my love
It's sinister, creepy not safe my love
hypnotic, trippy its chafe my love
It's binding so tough
concrete my love
with tales of woes replete my love
It can go on forever
this rant my love
but the time is too little
I just cant my love

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