Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In Photo-frames

Memories lay beside the window pane
They look at me for attention
All the different seasons go
And they stack up,
Creep up, on me from behind
From places left far away

In pictures of different
Shapes and sizes
They speak to me
Through the zephyr
Blowing across my face
And the clinking of chimes,
Sullen feelings, pleasant times,
Conversations of nonchalance
A heady cocktail of moments
They all collude
And draw me in

The carefree summers
The mushy rains,
And the jagged chill of the winter air
Echoes of our laughter
And your longing silent stare
Are all hung up
On the wall

With the changing times
They change their hues
Some are sepia tinted
Some are black and white
Some with loads of color strewn
Some have hints of spite

Can’t escape them anyways
Cause ensconced somewhere
In my brian
Are negatives to
All the memories
Ectched in photo-frames.

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